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The House of Tides

Cover: 'The House of Tides'

Staff Review: "The House of Tides" by Hannah Richell


This is another fantastic and captivating novel by Hannah Richell that I just couldn't put down! In this intense family saga set mostly on the beautiful Dorset coast, we meet the Tide family. Moving from London to a sprawling house in the countryside catapults the whole family into an era of change and one fateful day that splits the entire family apart at the seams. Years later, the youngest daughter Dora panics at the news she is unexpectedly pregnant. Terrified of the life growing inside her, she feels the pull of the countryside and the confrontation of her past. The family's journey through love, loss, and eventually hope is deeply moving. You will think of the characters long after you close the last page. This title is available through the Marathon County Public Library's Interlibrary loan system.

Audience: unspecified | Genre: fiction

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