How to Speak Dolphin

Staff Review: How to Speak Dolphin

"How to Speak Dolphin" by Ginny Rorby

Cover: 'How to Speak Dolphin'

Lily and her busy stepfather are mourning the recent death of Lily’s mother, leaving Lily with most of the responsibility for caring for her severely autistic 4-year-old stepbrother Adam. Through a visit to Dolphin Inlet, they discover Adam’s affinity and seeming ability to communicate with dolphins and hear about a dolphin therapy program for disabled children. Her father, who is a doctor, is asked to examine a sick dolphin named Nori at the Bayside Oceanarium who quickly forms a bond with her brother. Lily knows that even though her brother appears to be benefitting from his attachment to Nori, when Nori recovers she needs to be released and returned to her ocean family. This is a heartwarming and realistic story of survival, hope, and the power of human-animal connections.

Audience: Children, Tweens | Genre: Fiction, Differing Abilities


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