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How To Walk Away

Cover: 'How To Walk Away'

Staff Review: "How To Walk Away" by Katherine Center


Margaret Jacobsen is a normal young woman with a master's degree, a serious boyfriend, and all of a great life to look forward to. That is, until one day she and her new fiance are in a horrible accident that leaves Margaret paralyzed. In an instant her life takes a dramatic turn as her career hopes and life expectations fizzle, and all that remains is her overly supportive family and her own determination to live a new life, or lack thereof. 

I enjoyed this book immensely!  Not only does this book confront some deep and serious questions about life and the will to live no matter what, but it is also witty, positive and very hopeful.  Most of all I could identify with the attitude of Margaret and her overall optimism and perspective on life. It had me asking myself how I would react in the same type of situations. This book was easy, enjoyable, funny, poignant, and hopeful, with a smidgen of romance mixed in!  Some would say it is the whole package. Make sure to pick up a copy today!

Audience: adults | Genre: contemporary fiction

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