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How to Walk Away

Cover: 'How to Walk Away'

Staff Review: "How to Walk Away" by Katherine Center


This is the second audiobook that I have listened to by Katherine Center. This book has it all! I found some parts to be very funny and others to be sad, but the book takes overcoming tragedy and turns something negative into a positive. 

Margaret Jacobsen is so excited for Valentine's Day, as she is so sure that this will be the night her boyfriend, Chip, proposes to her. What she is not expecting, however, is that he wants to take her on a plane ride first. A plane ride, which also happens to be the one fear in her life!  She is so trusting of Chip, of course, and goes along for the ride, which ends up being a decision that changes the course of the rest of her life.

Read how Margaret fights through challenges, reunites with her only sister, Kit and learns to understand her mother.

Audience: adults | Genre: fiction

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