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Hungry Girl 300 under 300

Cover: 'Hungry Girl 300 under 300 '

Staff Review: "Hungry Girl 300 under 300 " by Lisa Lillien


Hungry Girl, was created by Lisa Lillien because, as she states in her book, “I’m just hungry”.    This calorie counting cookbook certainly doesn’t fall into the category of having dull and boring diet recipes. Every one of the plain and simple recipes featured in this book are “guilt free”.  Breakfast Scramble Pizza, Chicken Pot Pockets, Cheeseburger Mac Attack, and Red, White and Blue Nachos are just some of the recipes. Each one has nutritional information, ingredient substitutions and clear directions. There is also a list of recommended products for your pantry, breadbox, refrigerator and freezer. Enjoy!

Audience: adults | Genre: cookbook

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