Ink and Bone

Staff Review: Ink and Bone

"Ink and Bone" by Lisa Unger

Cover: 'Ink and Bone'

Finley does not know what it feels like to really be alone. Sitting on the floor by her bed is a young boy playing with a train, and on her way down the hall she passes a woman watching her carefully, both of whom have been long dead. Haunted by a gift she neither wants nor understands, Finley is quickly pulled into a missing persons case. Merri has been unable to give up on her daughter who vanished at the same time Merri's husband and son were shot, and drives back to the Hollows where Abby disappeared. As a last resort, she hires a private detective that Finley agrees to work with, pulling her deep into a haunting mystery. This was a great, original read that I couldn't put down.

Audience: Adults | Genre: Fiction, Mystery


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