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Just Like Jackie

Cover: 'Just Like Jackie'

Staff Review: "Just Like Jackie" by Lindsey Stoddard


Robinson (Robbie) has finally had enough taunting from the fifth grade school bully, Alex, punches him in the nose, and ends up in the principal’s office with her grandfather. She knows her grandfather will be angry with her for not doing what Jackie Robinson, her namesake, would have done--nothing. She helps her grandfather in his auto repair shop, with making maple syrup and remembering things, but she’s afraid that someone may find out about his memory problems and take her away from the only family she has ever known. As a result of her confrontation with the school bully, Robbie is now also stuck in a group guidance class, along with the school bully, as they struggle with their issues and a school family history assignment. But how can Robbie complete her assignment when she knows nothing about her family except that her mother is dead, she is one-quarter African American, doesn’t look like her grandfather and he won't talk about it. This realistic tween novel has a feisty narrator and a lot to say about acceptance, loyalty, love and different kinds of loving families. Heartwarming and honest, I loved this book.

Audience: children | Genre: fiction

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