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Staff Review: Lady Bird

"Lady Bird" (DVD)

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Lady Bird's life is at a crossroads, of sorts. It’s her senior year at her Catholic high school and she yearns to spice up her life and make the year a memorable one. More than anything, though, Lady Bird (played by Saoirse Ronan) wants to make sure she gets out of Sacramento after high school and moves a place where she feels she can experience more culture, adventure and unique personalities.

Lady Bird’s senior year finds her running for class president, joining the school musical, getting her first boyfriend, applying for college and attending her senior prom. Lady Bird worries about hiding her family’s limited income from her more wealthy classmates and also repeatedly butts heads with her conventional and overly-critical mother, played Laurie Metcalf.

The best part about the film is watching Lady Bird navigate her entrance into adulthood as we all do – through trial and error. My favorite scenes also tended to be the ones between Lady Bird and her mother, with the tense back-and-forth exchanges between Ronan and Metcalf being a joy to watch. It’s no wonder that both ladies were nominated for Academy Awards for their performances, or that the film was up for Best Picture.

Audience: Adults | Genre: Movies


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