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Lady Renegades

Staff Review: Lady Renegades

"Lady Renegades" by Rachel Hawkins

'Lady Renegades'  by  Rachel Hawkins

This final installment of the Rebel Belle trilogy finds Harper trying to adjust to normal life months after David, fearing his growing powers, fled Pine Grove. Then a teen girl with paladin powers appears out of the blue and attacks Harper as a threat to David. Concerned that David is creating additional paladins intent on destroying her, Harper sets off on a quest with her best friend Bee and an unlikely (and potentially untrustworthy) ally. Their mission—to find David before his powers can overtake them and discover a means to rein in David on their own. I enjoyed the blend of action, adventure, drama, and comedy and recommend the book, though I admit that I preferred the first two books, which kept the story anchored in Pine Grove and required Harper to juggle her normal and paranormal responsibilities. Then again, it’s hard to blame a series influenced by Greek mythology for launching a quest. Fans of heroines such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, who combine intelligence, fighting prowess, and wit are likely to appreciate "Lady Renegades" (and the Rebel Belle trilogy.)

Audience: Teens | Genre: Fiction, Paranormal, Series


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