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The Lantern Men

Cover: 'The Lantern Men '

Staff Review: "The Lantern Men " by Elly Griffiths


So much has changed for forensic archeologist Ruth Galloway in the twelfth book in this fantastic series. When convicted murderer Ivor March makes a deal with police, he swears he'll tell them where two bodies are from prior cold cases, but only if Ruth is the one to dig them up. Lured back into helping the police, Ruth ends up tangled in a web of secrets and strange myths of Lantern Men, said to lure people to their death along the coast.

Was Ivor March a Lantern Man? Why did he insist that Ruth be involved, and why would he even want the bodies to be found? As always with this series, I was immediately hooked with the fast paced and atmospheric mystery full of characters that I have come to absolutely love. I would highly recommend this series, but would definitely recommend that it be read in order, starting with The Crossing Places. This is one of my all-time favorite series!

Audience: adults | Genre: fiction

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