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Lending a Paw

Staff Review: Lending a Paw

"Lending a Paw" by Laurie Cass

Cover: 'Lending a Paw'

Based in the beautiful town of Chilson, Michigan, Minnie Hamilton is the assistant director of the local library who just made possible the start of bookmobile service. In this first novel of a cozy new series, Minnie is adopted by a stray tabby cat who sneaks into the bookmobile with her, and from there the adventure begins. On the very first bookmobile run, Eddie, the instantly loveable stray cat that residents of Chilson deem the 'bookmobile cat', escapes on a stop. What he finds is a local legend lying dead near an abandoned estate. What ensues is a cozy mystery filled with instantly likeable characters and a cat who is sure to be loved by any readers of this series.

Audience: Adults | Genre: Fiction, Mystery


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