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The Library of the Unwritten

Cover: 'The Library of the Unwritten '

Staff Review: "The Library of the Unwritten " by A. J. Hackwith


All unfinished, unwritten books are held in Hell's library in the "Unwritten" wing (a neutral place within Hell). The books are sentient and want terribly to escape to their author, to beg to be finished. It's the job of the Head Librarian to keep them contained. 

This novel is refreshing, wonderfully written, and is a great read for bibliophiles and adventure lovers alike. The Head Librarian in charge of the "Unwritten" wing not only has librarian duties to fulfill but also needs to contain any runaway, erratic or upset books. When the retrieval of a missing book goes horribly wrong, Claire, the current Head Librarian, and her band of misfits are thrust into a tenuous struggle between Heaven and Hell, as well as Valhalla (quite unintentionally). Claire learns that the Devil's Bible is missing and takes on the task of collecting it (because that's what librarians do.)

If you're looking for a book that'll grab your attention and hold it in a death grip, this is that book. The characters are unique, the plot will surprise and delight you, and the ending will have you begging for the sequel.

Angels, Humans, Demons, Muses, Vikings, and sentient book characters chasing after scraps of an ancient all powerful magical tome, how could you go wrong?

Audience: adults | Genre: fiction, fantasy

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