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Lies That Bind

Staff Review: Lies That Bind

"Lies That Bind" by Maggie Barbieri

Cover: 'Lies That Bind'

In this fast-paced mystery, Maeve Conlon is not the typical suburban mom. Owner of a bakery and mother of two daughters, Maeve loses her beloved father suddenly from a heart attack. At the funeral, Maeve's already tumultuous life is thrown into chaos when a relative tells her she has a sister that her father kept hidden from her. Spurred by her desire to find out the truth now that she has no family left, Maeve is thrown into the mystery surrounding her father's secret. But once money goes missing and vandalism is brought to her bakery, Maeve keeps her gun close and launches into tracking down her sister. Although this is the second novel in a series, I found I enjoyed it immensely even though I hadn't read the first novel. It is a well-written mystery that can be easily read as a stand alone novel, and I look forward to reading more in this series!

Audience: Adults | Genre: Fiction, Mystery


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