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Linda McCartney's Family Kitchen

Cover: 'Linda McCartney's Family Kitchen'

Staff Review: "Linda McCartney's Family Kitchen" by Linda McCartney, Paul McCartney, Stella McCartney, Mary McCartney


This new cookbook packs a punch with delicious recipes along with knowledge on the ethical, environmental, and health reasons behind why a plant-based diet is vitally important now more than ever. It was also a love letter and dedication from the family to the memory of Linda McCartney, which really struck me throughout the cookbook. I appreciated that this also had information on key nutrients and other important factors to keep in mind when transitioning to this lifestyle, and the recipes included did not disappoint! From breakfast classics like French toast, pancakes, baked beans, and hash browns, to Pad Thai, to the British classic Shepard's Pie, this had a ton of recipes I'm excited to dig into. I'm personally quite excited to dig into the lasagna recipe and one of my favorite desserts from overseas: sticky toffee pudding. Highly recommend!

Audience: adults | Genre: cookbook, nonfiction

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