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Little Black Lies

Cover: 'Little Black Lies'

Staff Review: "Little Black Lies" by Sharon Bolton


In the Falkland Islands terror grips a small community when children start to go missing. Though no one can believe there is a murderer among them, everyone becomes involved when the third child disappears. Among them is Catrin, a woman who lost all of her children in a horrible accident three years ago, who now seeks revenge on the woman who used to be her best friend. Meanwhile, Rachel can barely handle the horrible grief that constantly grips her. Callum, an ex-marine who experiences PTSD flashbacks that cause him to blackout for long periods of time, is hiding his own grief and secrets. All three lives are tangled together by secrets years old and the suspicion they have towards each other and themselves. This mystery kept me hooked to the very surprising end!

Audience: adults | Genre: fiction, mystery

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