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The Love Hypothesis

Cover: 'The Love Hypothesis'

Staff Review: "The Love Hypothesis" by Ali Hazelwood


Olive Smith - third year Ph.D candidate - hasn’t had the time for a love life, preferring to live vicariously through cheesy rom-com's and her roommates many escapades instead. In an attempt to prove she's totally over a man, she soon finds herself living the old classic pretend boyfriend trope. 

Who is the lucky guy? Adam Carlsen, young prodigious professor and campus jerk known to make students cry. Olive's friends become concerned. Maybe she's being blackmailed, or maybe she's concussed. Despite this, a deal is struck and the ruse continues. When Olive's career takes off, opportunities unfold and obstacles appear, will Adam watch her crash and burn or will he finally show the caring side of himself Olive has only gotten glimpses of?

This book wasn’t my usual taste but it was fun and very sweet. Leaning heavily into the silliness of the rom-com trope, the story is peppered with humor and science.

Audience: adults | Genre: adult fiction, contemporary fiction, fiction, romance

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