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Marshmallow Clouds

Cover: 'Marshmallow Clouds'

Staff Review: "Marshmallow Clouds" by Ted Kooser, Connie Wanek, Richard Jones


A collaboration between distinguished poets Ted Kooser and Connie Wanek is definitely a book to be read and reread! These are gentle poems that have a calming effect. While these poems are short and use simple words, they also contain numerous similes and metaphors for readers to consider and enjoy. A harp is “a great golden moth.” A book’s a sandwich, a barn “combs its roof straight down the middle.”

The subjects of the poems are mostly natural, and are all things that we see or interact with daily: clouds, leaves, stars, worms, butterflies. Yet these are described by the poets in surprising ways. A flyswatter “made in China for Chinese flies” and a sky “all covered with cobwebs” that no-one is trying to brush away are just two examples of the observant language found in these poems. I recommend reading this collection cover to cover!

Audience: children | Genre: poetry, nonfiction

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