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Maybe a Fox

Staff Review: Maybe a Fox

"Maybe a Fox" by Kathi Appelt, Alison McGhee

Cover: 'Maybe a Fox'

On an ordinary wintry school day like so many others, while sisters twelve-year-old Sylvie and eleven-year-old Jules are waiting for the school bus, Sylvie runs into the woods and disappears. Why would she go? They were forbidden to go on this path leading to the Slip, a small geological formation in which the river bed disappears into an open cavern and forms a small pool. A shadow fox cub, both animal and spirit, known to be lucky, is born at the same time, somehow linking their lives together. This heartfelt novel for tweens is sad but hopeful, combining hash reality with magical mysticism. It profoundly affected me long after I closed the book’s covers.

Audience: Children, Tweens | Genre: Fiction


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