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Maybe Maybe Marisol Rainey

Cover: 'Maybe Maybe Marisol Rainey'

Staff Review: "Maybe Maybe Marisol Rainey" by Erin Entrada Kelly


Dadhead. Buster Keaton. Betty Bigmouth. Peppina. These words will have more meaning once you have read Marisol Rainey’s story. Marisol is a girl who likes to name things like trees and refrigerators. She has a best friend named Jada and an older brother named Oz. Jada, Oz, and practically everyone else are super good at climbing trees—like the one in the back yard: Peppina.

Marisol never climbs the tree. Not up to knobby branch, not even up to booster branch. The truth is, she’s too scared. The tree is tall, the ground is hard, Marisol’s heart beats faster each time she looks up at the tree. There are a lot of things Marisol is afraid of. Maybe she won’t ever be brave enough to master all her fears, but maybe, just maybe, she will climb Peppina.

Audience: children | Genre: fiction

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