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Midnight at the Blackbird Cafe

Cover: 'Midnight at the Blackbird Cafe'

Staff Review: "Midnight at the Blackbird Cafe" by Heather Webber


Anna Kate has come to Wicklow, Alabama to bury her Grandma Zee and to settle the estate. Her grandma Zee’s last wish was for Anna Kate to run her beloved Blackbird Café for 60 days before selling it. Anna Kate is hoping for a quick return to her normal life, but will the quirky town keep her from leaving? Will Anna Kate finally know why her mother refused to returned to Wicklow?

Natalie has returned to her parents’ home after her husband passed away. She is trying to find her way as a single parent and heal her broken heart. Her brother’s tragic passing decades before has left her mother angry and unconnected. Natalie desperately does not want to become like her mother. Will hearts finally heal and bring the family together?

There is magic sprinkled throughout the story. Why do the blackbirds only sing at midnight? Does eating the blackbird pie bring messages from dead loved ones? This is a sweet and heart-warming story set in small town Alabama. The story tells how each person copes with the loss of a loved one in different ways and how they can eventually heal their broken hearts. I enjoyed the magical realism throughout the book, but the main focus is on the characters as they go through the process of healing.

Audience: adults | Genre: fiction

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