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Mr. Kiss and Tell

Staff Review: Mr. Kiss and Tell

"Mr. Kiss and Tell" by Rob Thomas, Jennifer Graham

Cover: 'Mr. Kiss and Tell'

Veronica Mars has settled into her new life back in Neptune as a P.I. at Mars Investigations. The Neptune Grand hires Veronica to investigate the allegations of a young woman who claims that she was assaulted at the swanky hotel by an employee before being smuggled out of the hotel, abandoned on the side of the road, and left for dead. The case is complicated by Veronica’s former connection to the victim, who is reluctant to trust her. On top of that, the security footage, other evidence, and the victim’s story do not add up. Veronica’s investigation leads her to conclude that the attacker has killed before and will again. Fans of Veronica Mars will undoubtedly enjoy this smart, dark, and snarky book which, in addition to an excellent central mystery, features appearances of many fan favorites from Neptune, advances ongoing storylines from the previous book, and forces Veronica to do a bit of soul searching in her professional and personal life.

Audience: Adults | Genre: Fiction, Mystery


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