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My Oxford Year

Cover: 'My Oxford Year'

Staff Review: "My Oxford Year" by Julia Whelan


American Ella Duran has won a Rhodes Scholarship to study at Oxford University for one year.  This has been a lifelong dream of hers that she has realized at the age of 24.  In addition to being a student there, she is also a key political advisor to key candidates back in the U.S.  Her expectations of Oxford are surpassed and more as she begins to experience life there.  Quite unexpectedly, Ella meets an English professor who changes the course of her year and helps her decide what is really important in life.

This books has it all--travel, drama, and romance!  Admittedly, I had higher expectations of this book from the get go.  It was an easy read, just what I was looking for, and the setting was drawing me in.  For some reason that is hard for me to pinpoint there was something missing for me with the story. The main character was relatable and the friends that she made were great characters.  I would compare this books to some of the things I have read by Nicholas Sparks or Nora Roberts.  If you are a fan of those authors I would recommend trying this book out and giving it a chance.

Audience: adults | Genre: contemporary fiction

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