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My Teacher Is a Monster!

Cover: 'My Teacher Is a Monster!'

Staff Review: "My Teacher Is a Monster!" by Peter Brown


Author and illustrator Peter Brown gives us another humorous read-aloud with “My Teacher Is a MONSTER!”. Bobby has a familiar problem: a teacher, Ms. Kirby, who is the bane of his existence. She reminds him to follow school rules by saying things like “no recess for children who throw paper airplanes in class”. In short, he thinks she is a monster.  But then he runs into her in a park and, well, she doesn’t seem so bad. Wonderfully, almost magically, as Bobby begins to see his teacher differently, the monster-like illustrations of her also gradually transform on each page until she finally looks like a normal person. This wonderful back-to-school picture book will be thoroughly enjoyed by all ages.

Audience: children | Genre: fiction, read-alouds, picture book

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