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My Two Elaines

Cover: 'My Two Elaines'

Staff Review: "My Two Elaines" by Martin J. Schreiber


“My Two Elaines” is the perfect title for this book. Former Wisconsin Governor, Martin J. Schreiber fell in love with his wife, Elaine, when in high school. They married during college and pledged a lifelong commitment to each other. Together they raised a family and had successful careers. That is, until the “other Elaine” came into the story. Elaine was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2007 and has progressively gone downhill. She is currently living at a residential memory unit and does not recognize family or friends.This book is a true love story between Elaine and Martin Schreiber.

Martin Schreiber describes the symptoms and life changing challenges he, the family and the “other Elaine” faced. The final pages of this book list many resources for people who may have a family member or friend going through this health war in which they will never win.

I chose this book because I have taken care of relatives who had steadily declining memory issues. To see someone so energetic and happy turn into someone who looks the same on the outside but is someone else on the inside is painful. If you have ever cared for someone with this disease, you will realize after reading this book that you are not alone. This book will make you smile and make you cry. 

Audience: adults | Genre: nonfiction, memoir, mental health

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