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No Such Thing As Dragons

Staff Review: No Such Thing As Dragons

"No Such Thing As Dragons" by Philip Reeve

Cover: 'No Such Thing As Dragons'


Ten-year-old Ansel, a mute boy, is sold by his father to Brock, a self-proclaimed dragon slayer who needs someone who will keep his secrets safe. They travel town to town on horseback searching for food and shelter in exchange for protecting villagers from dragons. In Drachenberg, his master accepts a quest to climb the steep mountain and rid the village folks of a wickedly, fearsome dragon rumored to live there. But are dragons actually real and is Brock really a dragon slayer?  There is much in this wonderful multi-layered story to touch our hearts and keep us guessing; for ages 8 and up. 

Audience: Children, Tweens | Genre: Fiction, Fantasy