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Paper Towns

Staff Review: Paper Towns

"Paper Towns" by John Green

Cover: 'Paper Towns'

Graduation is rapidly approaching, and Quentin, a fairly well-adjusted senior, has his future planned out—skip prom (why bother?), go to graduation, and start at Duke University at the fall. He is not one to take risks or draw attention. Then his neighbor, Margo Roth Spiegelman, childhood playmate, current acquaintance, and long-time unrequited crush, comes through his bedroom window late one night, and talks him into driving her around the city and assist her with eleven tasks. It’s an exhilarating and occasionally terrifying experience for Quentin, who can’t quite believe that he and Margo may actually become friends. Then Margo vanishes. Quentin finds one clue followed by another that he's sure Margo left for him. Convinced that she is waiting to be found, Quentin, with the help of his friends, tries to put the pieces together and find her, discovering along the way that he may not know Margo as well as he thought. "Paper Towns" deftly balances the humorous and the heartfelt and captures the excitement of the many “lasts” that accompany high school graduation and the underlying anxiety of the unknown firsts yet to come. Quentin may have a romanticized view of Margo, but the dynamic between Quentin and his friends rings true. This book will appeal to teens who appreciate realistic fiction and fans of John Green’s other books.

Audience: Teens | Genre: Fiction, Mystery


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