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Patti Cake and Her New Doll

Cover: 'Patti Cake and Her New Doll'

Staff Review: "Patti Cake and Her New Doll" by Patricia Reilly Giff


Patti Cake is facing two new life challenges:  a new room and a new big bed.  When she goes to bed the first night, it seems “greatly dark” and lonely with one else in bed, not even her dog Tootsie. The next morning her babysitter takes her to a store where she decides to get an “on-sale “ doll that she names On-Sale.  During the day she and her doll have many experiences together with Tootsie and her cat.   That night Patti Cake of course discovers that the night is not so “greatly dark” any more with her very full bed. This comforting picture book with cozy pastel illustrations is perfect for preschoolers facing the inevitable changes that accompany growing  up.

Audience: children | Genre: fiction, picture book

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