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The Perfect Guests

Cover: 'The Perfect Guests'

Staff Review: "The Perfect Guests" by Emma Rous


Only 14 years old, Beth is dumped on the doorstep of a large mansion by her aunt, to be taken in by a family with a young daughter the same age. Beth is amazed at the kind family and grand estate she's welcomed to, but when they ask her to play a game before a visitor arrives, her world spins out of control. 

Years later, Sadie is an actress wondering how she's going to pay her bills when she gets an offer that seems too good to be true: she's invited to a fancy estate for a party that promises to be fun and pay well. Once she arrives though, she can't help feeling unsettled, like there's more than meets the eye to the estate and the other people invited. And where is the host of the party? 

I found this to be a really atmospheric thriller, and couldn't wait to get to the final (excellent!) twist at the end!

Audience: adults | Genre: fiction

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