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Plant-Powered Protein

Cover: 'Plant-Powered Protein'

Staff Review: "Plant-Powered Protein" by Nava Atlas


In this fully illustrated new cookbook, the author combined over 100 recipes that work with the ever growing (and delicious!) meat alternatives that are available today for consumers. Including soups, baked dished, pastas, sandwiches, and breakfast recipes, this cookbook is packed full of tantalizing recipes that work with not only meat alternatives, but also whole food options like beans and lentils. 

Included in the back is also a chapter dedicated to making your own plant proteins, like a traditional beef-style seitan or a chickpea chick'n, as well as your own sauces and dressings like ranch, all of which are on the menu this weekend! The other recipes I can't wait to dig into are: meatloaf, pad see ew, biscuits and gravy, and jambalaya. Time to start cooking!

Audience: adults | Genre: cookbook, nonfiction

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