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Staff Review: Posted

"Posted" by John David Anderson

'Posted'  by  John David Anderson

Putting post-it-notes on, and in each other’s lockers seemed like a good way for Frost and his friends Deedee, Wolf, and Bench to communicate with each other after cell phones were banned at Branton Middle School, until suddenly it escalates into a whole school war, and some of the notes get nasty. In the middle of this mess, Rose, an odd, new girl at school joins this all male group of friends at their lunch table, not just once, but on a regular basis, uninvited, upsetting the already upset balance of their once seemingly predictable relationships. The only thing seemingly certain in their world becomes uncomfortable uncertainty. With its cast of well developed characters, this tween novel rang true to me. It is a realistic portrayal of middle school kids struggling to fit in, dealing with bullying and change, and finding the courage to speak their truth.

Audience: Tweens | Genre: Fiction


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