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The Proven Winners Garden Book

Cover: 'The Proven Winners Garden Book'

Staff Review: "The Proven Winners Garden Book" by Thomas Christopher, Ruth Rogers Clausen


This nonfiction book was a perfect fit to spark ideas for the gardening season, and I loved the format as well. There are introductory sections for beginner gardeners who need help picking a spot and deciding on what plants to use, as well as sections on soil preparation, pruning, and maintenance like pest and weed control.

My favorite sections were the garden and container 'recipes' where the authors had beautifully photographed garden plans, complete with the plants (and suggested alternatives) for each, as well as directions and exact layout plans for readers to create the gorgeous landscapes themselves. Plans included detailed instructions on when to plant, when to expect the best display, space and sun requirements, and zone information. I marked so many as inspiration to try myself, and was excited to find new plants to try out and detailed plans I can use to create the beautiful arrangements. 

I loved how visual the garden and container recipes were, which allow readers to easily replicate everything, how informative it all was, and how everything was beautifully photographed throughout. Now I really can't wait for summer!

Audience: adults | Genre: nonfiction, gardening

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