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Cover: 'Prune'

Staff Review: "Prune" by Gabrielle Hamilton


Foodies, professional chefs, and serious home cooks will love this creative and unique cookbook from the chef and owner of the NYC restaurant Prune. It's presented like a how-to manual for new cooks at Prune, complete with Hamilton's hand-written (and occasionally snarky) notes and tips about preparing Prune's signature dishes. There is even a section about using leftover "garbage" from service, such as parmesan rinds, vegetable tops, and other items that most would discard. Some of the recipes are better suited for the restaurant kitchen (offal and whole pigs) but adventurous home cooks might enjoy the challenge. Hamilton's memoir, "Blood, Bones and Butter" is also highly recommended.

Audience: adults | Genre: nonfiction, cookbook

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