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Recipes Across America

Cover: 'Recipes Across America'

Staff Review: "Recipes Across America" by Taste of Home


This remarkable cookbook features recipes from the Northeast, South, Midwest, Southwest and West regions of the United States. Many people recognize the Taste of Home title from their many cookbooks and their magazines. This book features real recipes from real people just like you.   Colored pictures and very easy to read instructions are on every page. Page 272 features the Wisconsin State Fair Cream Puffs recipe and a little history about them. Page 195 features Ozark Pudding Cake with a note of its origin. Page 431 features All-day Apple Butter that is made in your crockpot and some very interesting facts about apples. Kool-Aid pickles, horseshoe sandwiches, Chicago deep-dish pizza, chocolate fluffer-nutter sandwiches and prosciutto-stuff meat loaf are just some of the featured recipes.  Maple-Cream Apple Pie, Potato Chip Cookies and Salisbury steak with gravy along with Creamed Corn with Bacon are tried and true recipes. Are you getting hungry? Just check this book out along with other great cookbooks at your local library. Enjoy!

Audience: adults | Genre: nonfiction, cookbook

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