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Red Queen

Cover: 'Red Queen'

Staff Review: "Red Queen" by Victoria Aveyard


Looking for a new dystopian series? Give this excellent debut novel a try!

Mare Barrow is a thief living in a village with the rest of her family, born into poverty because of the color of her blood. The Reds are a lower caste than the aristocratic Silvers, who have superhero-esque abilities in addition to silver blood. Mare is offered a chance to work as a servant in one of the Silver palaces and escape her fate of serving in the army. A freak accident reveals that Mare has abilities that threaten the existing paradigm, and the Silvers scramble to disguise Mare as a Silver. Suddenly, she is a Silver princess, and must learn court etiquette as well as how to manage her new magical abilities. But Mare learns that the palace is full of secrets, and she must be careful who she trusts.

This exciting story is definitely a page turner, but I was disappointed at the "twist" ending. There are enough clues in the book that will make it easy for readers to guess what will happen. However, "Red Queen" is still one of the best dystopian YA books I have read since "The Hunger Games," and I cannot wait for Book 2!

Audience: teens | Genre: fiction, dystopian, ya fiction with adult appeal

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