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Red Sister

Cover: 'Red Sister'

Staff Review: "Red Sister" by Mark Lawrence


In Abeth there were once four tribes, each with different traits and abilities. Gerant are large, and strong; Hunska are dark-haired, dark-eyed, and fast; Marjal are known for their ability to perform lesser magics; and Quantal are able to work great magics and walk "The Path," a line of energy connected to The Ancestor and the heart of power itself. Over time these bloodlines have mixed and been diluted, full-bloods are rarely seen and even rarer still are those with multiple bloods.

Nona Grey is taken, covered in blood from her village and put into the caged wagon of the child taker. Nona is practically feral and is sold to a fighting hall where she helps clean along with dozens of other children. Nona doesn’t stay long and ends up at the gallows for killing the 7-foot tall Gerant fighter Raymel Tacsis. She is saved by the Abbess of the Convent of Sweet Mercy. A Convent that trains young girls with traits of the four tribes to be killers, using skills in deception, poison, and armed and unarmed combat. Though Nona holds many secrets, and things aren’t as they should be, the fighter Nona killed is from a wealthy family, and money can buy many things including life. Raymel and his family want revenge, and they will use their many connections, wealth, and even assassins to get it. 

Will her newfound family protect her once they learn the truth of her past, is she worthy of being protected? Can her new knowledge of blade and fists save her or will Raymel Tascis destroy her?

Audience: adults | Genre: fiction

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