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Cover: 'Rescue'

Staff Review: "Rescue" by Anita Shreve


Anita Shreve, a well known author who wrote "A Pilots Wife," has done it again with her book "Rescue." Did you ever dream your life out completely, right down to land you where going to buy in your own town? Did your dreams ever spiral out of control and you had to be the strong one? Webster, a young paramedic, had his life all figured out and was saving for the best piece of land in town. He wanted to buy it and build his own home someday, until the fire alarm went off and his life changed forever.  Webster and his partner pulled the rig up to a car accident and a young woman was inside the totaled car. Webster rushed her to the ER, but later wonders how the young woman is doing. He walks into her hospital room and falls in love.  When she is released from the hospital she has no where to go, so Webster takes her home. Webster and Sheila fall in love get married and have a baby girl all in nine months.  Its all happening so fast, does Webster really know Sheila? Can Sheila handle motherhood? She begins drinking, and her child, Rowan, is just a baby. Sheila drives all over drunk with Rowan in the car. Will Websters life ever be the same again now that alcohol has entered?

Audience: adults | Genre: fiction

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