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Running Through Sprinklers

Cover: 'Running Through Sprinklers'

Staff Review: "Running Through Sprinklers" by Michelle Kim


Sara and Nadine have always had each other, since forever, or at least since they were small and both living on the same cul-de-sac, literally minutes away from each other. That is, until everything changed. It was seventh grade and they were both supposed to be starting together as they always did, until Nadine suddenly announces, almost right before school starts, that she is skipping a grade and going straight to high school. High school! They won't even be at the same school!  Sara is distraught and desperately tries everything she can think of to save their friendship and convince the school principal that she is smart too, and needs to skip a grade. Except, she hasn’t been able to concentrate and is not doing well at math, and the teachers know she only wants to skip to be with her best friend. As life spirals out of control around her Sara begins to see changes in Nadine, and slowly begins noticing changes in herself too. Written for tweens, this is an enjoyable and important story about the one constant in everyone's lives. 

Audience: children, tweens | Genre: fiction

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