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Shadow Weaver

Cover: 'Shadow Weaver'

Staff Review: "Shadow Weaver" by Mercy Kate Connolly


Emmeline has never been alone. Ever since her best friend Dar, her shadow, spoke to her when she was a baby, she has always had her trusted best friend with her. With her unique gift, Emmeline is able to conjure up and weave shadows together whenever she desires. Her magical talent is threatened when it is discovered by Lady Aisling who threatens to take her magic away, and therefore, also her closest friend, Dar. Dar convinces Emmeline that she will help protect her magic and defeat Lady Aisling, if Emmeline will perform the needed magic to return Dar to her human form. With soldiers in pursuit, Emmeline and Dar flee for their safety and meet a family with a son, Luke, who has some magic of his own, and offer help and refuge. Filled with ever-growing suspicions and doubts, Emmeline begins wondering who she can trust--her lifelong friend, Dar, who appears to be becoming increasingly jealous of Luke, or her new-found friends. This dark, tween fantasy is an engrossing read.

Audience: children, tweens | Genre: fiction

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