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The Sky at Our Feet

Cover: 'The Sky at Our Feet'

Staff Review: "The Sky at Our Feet" by Nadia Hashimi


When two men, who do not look like customers, start talking to his mother at work in New Jersey, Jason is terrified that his mother will be sent back to Afghanistan since she is not a U.S citizen. Remaining hidden he watches the frightening scene unfold, and when he finally sees his mother riding away with these men, he knows he has to flee and try to locate his aunt in New York City. The problem is he doesn’t have much money, a cell phone, a phone number for her, or even a complete address, and only a vague recollection of where she lives. Through an accident and a hospital stay Jason meets up with Max, a spunky girl who claims to be a genius, who is sick of too much time in the hospital, and hungry for an adventure, she offers to help him.  Escaping from the hospital turns out to be the easy part. During the run it becomes apparent that Max is sicker than she claims, getting worse by the minute, and her parents are frantic to find her. With all these difficulties, will they be able to survive and find his aunt?  Written for tweens, this book is a timely, enjoyable, realistic adventure.

Audience: children, tweens | Genre: fiction

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