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Someday, Someday Maybe

Cover: 'Someday, Someday Maybe'

Staff Review: "Someday, Someday Maybe" by Lauren Graham


If you love Lauren Graham, the actress, in "Gilmore Girls" or "Parenthood" then you will throughly enjoy Lauren Graham the author in her debut novel.  Her story introduces us to Franny, a struggling actress in New York City of the mid 1990s, and her adventures trying to become a serious actress who can pay her bills with her craft.  Franny is so very relateable and funny as well as the situations in which she finds herself.  Not only does Franny need to learn who she is, she also needs to discover real and true love.  The characters are truly relateable and the dialogue is easy, quippy, and funny.  This is an enjoyable and easy read that everyone will enjoy!

Audience: adults | Genre: fiction, romance

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