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This Song Will Save Your Life

Cover: 'This Song Will Save Your Life'

Staff Review: "This Song Will Save Your Life" by Leila Sales


Elise has always struggled to make friends, so much so that she had even once turned to suicide as an answer to her loneliness. After her failed attempt at suicide, she continued to be a loser at school.  Just as Elise is resigned that her life will never get better and be what she knows it could, she haphazardly discovers an underground dance club.  This club not only helps her to make some real friends, it also helps her to discover that her music really could save her life.  I was very surprised by this book in a good way.  It is a witty coming of age story that happens in a strange way.  The author clearly loves music, and incorporates music throughout the story. There is also a recommended listening list at the end.  Compared to most other coming of age books I have read lately, this one definitely made me smile and had a happy ending.

Audience: teens | Genre: fiction, music

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