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South of the Buttonwood Tree

Cover: 'South of the Buttonwood Tree'

Staff Review: "South of the Buttonwood Tree" by Heather Webber


This is a story about two women who want something different of their lives, something more. They break the rules and expectations others have of them to find their true self. Years of lies and secrets have formed the women’s beliefs of their families and of themselves. They discover that those secrets have kept them from learning who they truly are and kept them from those they love.

Sarah Grace finds herself wanting a different life. She has always done what her parents expected of her. Her parents are in the public eye and hold Sarah Grace to very high standards.

Blue Bishop has not had an easy life. Her family is notorious for getting into trouble. When Blue finds a newborn baby girl south of the magical buttonwood tree, an investigation to find the mother of the infant leads to decades of secrets coming to light. How will this affect Blue and Sarah Grace as they fight for the life they long for?

I enjoyed reading this book. The characters have strong family and community ties that I appreciate. I like the main characters' strength to challenge others' opinions. They also have the strength to work for what they want and for who they love. There is a touch of magic throughout the story, namely the wind and the Buttonwood Tree, which brings a fantasy aspect to the story.

Audience: adults | Genre: fiction

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