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Starry Night

Cover: 'Starry Night'

Staff Review: "Starry Night" by Debbie Macomber


When I first read the back of this book it sounded great. Karrie is a reporter for a news paper. Finn is an author he lives in Alaska, know one really knows anything about him and he likes it that way. Karrie is unhappy with her job and makes a deal with her boss to be the only reporter to get an interview with Finn Dalton. If she can land the interview, she can name her job at the newspaper. This is a major challenge for Karrie, so she flies off to Alaska to find Finn.

Before she goes she finds out everything she can about Finn, Karrie evens vistis his mother who walked out of Finn's life when he was a young boy.  She gives Karrie something to give to Finn. Karrrie goes to Alaska lands in a snow storm, she is snowed in for days with Finn. It is a love hate situation. Karrie befriends Finn's dog. Finn is not happy about it, so Karrie decides to interview the dog one night when she should have been asleep. Finn listens to Karrie talking to the dog and starts to realize he is in love with her. When the storm breaks Karrie goes home, but she continues to text with Finn but starts to wonder how they will make the relationship work so far apart from each other. Will Karrie ever see the man she loves so much ever again?  

I love to read Christmas stories, except not this one. I feel it was really predictable. 

Audience: adults | Genre: fiction, romance, chick lit, holiday

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