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The Switch

Cover: 'The Switch'

Staff Review: "The Switch" by Beth O'Leary


When Leena has a panic attack during a pivotal work presentation, she's given a mandatory two-month sabbatical by her boss. Panicking at the thought of her career in shambles and at the thought of two months without the distraction of work, Leena calls her grandmother to arrange a visit in the Yorkshire countryside. Her grandmother, Eileen, has a different idea. Discouraged by the lack of bachelors available in her small village and ready for adventure, she suggests that her and her granddaughter switch places for two months. Her granddaughter will get a much needed break from London, and Eileen gets the adventure she's been waiting for.

I found this to be such an enjoyable and uplifting read! It was heartwarming, hilarious, heart wrenching and beautiful, all rolled into one book. Once I started reading I fell in love with the characters and couldn't stop until I finished the same day!

Audience: adults | Genre: classic fiction

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