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A Tale of Witchcraft

Cover: 'A Tale of Witchcraft'

Staff Review: "A Tale of Witchcraft" by Chris Colfer


The magical community has been accepted in the kingdoms. The faeries have been helping around the kingdoms and the people celebrate when they arrive! Now, a secret clan has resurfaced after centuries of silence called the Righteous Brotherhood. The Righteous Brotherhood has vowed to exterminate all magical life and Brystal is their first target. Meanwhile, a mysterious witch arrives at the Faerie Academy and begins recruiting faeries into her rival school. To Brystal’s dismay, one of the faeries decides to join the witch. With all that is happening, Brystal is plagued with depressing and disturbing thoughts. Brystal feels like the world’s problems are on her shoulders and she has nowhere to turn. To make matters worse, Lucy, Brystal’s best friend disappears after they argue. How will Brystal stop the Righteous Brotherhood? Where did the mysterious witch come from? Will she find Lucy?

This second installment in the A Tale of Magic series is filled with memorable characters and new adventures. The author has a great way of integrating injustice and equality into the story. It shows how important it is to fight and overcome the negativity in our lives. Even though this book is written for middle grade kids, I highly recommend this book and series for all readers. I also recommend the first series by Chris Colfer, "The Land of Stories."

Audience: tweens | Genre: fiction

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