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These Broken Stars

Cover: 'These Broken Stars'

Staff Review: "These Broken Stars" by Amie Kaufman


Tarver is a brave and decorated soldier from a low-class family. Lilac is an intergalactic debutante from the richest of families. These unlikely companions become the lone survivors of a spaceliner crash on an unknown and strange planet. The story follows their journey across this alien landscape trying to survive the landscape and one another. What they learn is much more complicated and surprising than they anticipated. As Lilac and Tarver learn to depend and care for each other, they also discover dark secrets about the world around them. This is a unique and fantastic Young Adult science fiction novel that has it all-from action to mystery to romance. I haven't read anything like it, and appreciate the one-of-a-kind storytelling. Sci-fi is at it's best with this novel that will not disappoint!

Audience: teens | Genre: fiction, science fiction, fantasy

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