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Thug Kitchen

Cover: 'Thug Kitchen'

Staff Review: "Thug Kitchen" by Matt Holloway, Michelle Davis


Although I was really thrown off at first by the plethora of swear words in this cookbook, try not to let them dissuade you from this clean-eating, plant-based cookbook. I have Post-It Notes in the double digits for recipes I want to try, and the message this cookbook wants its readers to know is one I 100% believe in: Eat like you mean it. Animal products and massive amounts of sugar should not be eaten in the doses most people do, and this cookbook is a great resource to get you in the right direction. If you think the swearing will bother you, don't hesitate to request one of the other amazing vegan cookbooks the library has to offer; they are a fantastic resource to get you to start eating healthier!

Audience: adults | Genre: nonfiction, cookbook

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