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The Time Capsule

The Teen Review: The Time Capsule

"The Time Capsule" by Lurlene McDaniel

'The Time Capsule'  by  Lurlene McDaniel

The Time Capsule by Lurlene McDaniel is a great book. I think it's a really good book because of the plot and because of the word choice. The story was also really fantastic because the author did a really nice job of having the reader receive a certain mood or feeling in each and every part of the book. I would say that one good thing I will emphasize about this book is its characterization. In my case, I was able to picture every character and also feel like I knew every one of them in real life. It was very easy for me to picture the characters in this book as the reader of the story. If I were to mention or bring up one bad thing about this book, it would probably be its length. I think it could have been a better book if it would have been a little longer and then I would have liked this book even better. Then the reader could have had a little bit more of a background and conclusion to read. The author also could have put in a few more details in the chapters as well, but for kids that like short books and great stories; this should be a great read for you.

(Marissa S suggests this book for readers 10-16 years of age.)


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