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Unbelievably Vegan

Cover: 'Unbelievably Vegan'

Staff Review: "Unbelievably Vegan" by Charity Morgan


Private chef to athletes and from the excellent documentary "The Game Changers", Charity Morgan packs a punch with this new vegan cookbook. I have so many recipes I want to try from this, from garlic ramen noodles to the spicy crab dip to the no-bake peanut butter cheesecake. I also really appreciated the opening chapter on sauces and dressings to add to my favorite recipes.

My only caveat was that there was a lot of recipes featuring tofu (which I can't eat), but regardless, there was plenty that interested me. If soy isn't a concern for you, then you'll find even more than I did! It's definitely one to check out!

Audience: adults | Genre: cookbook, nonfiction

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