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The Unsuitable

Cover: 'The Unsuitable'

Staff Review: "The Unsuitable" by Molly Pohlig


Victorian, Gothic, Dark Humor.

Iseult Wince is getting too old. Soon, she’ll be a spinster, which everyone knows is the worst fate of all. Iseult is a bit odd, and her father dislikes her. His goal is to find her a suitable husband (i.e. any man who will take her). Iseult believes her mother died while giving birth to her, resulting in a scar on her neck, that her mother lives in. Speaking to her dead mother, moving more like a puppet than a person, and an overall frail body make Iseult far from an ideal wife. With the internal and external threat of institutionalization, Iseult makes an effort to behave, to refrain from saying things she should not know, observations she should not voice. Her father finds a perfect match for her, one of the few men left she hasn’t rejected or frightened off.

He’s perfect. He is also silver.

The more Iseult gets to know her silver beau the more volatile and manipulative her mother becomes. Will Iseult have to live with her mother’s overbearing and often violent voice in her head, or can she somehow be free of her?  How do you break free of someone who hears your every thought and refuses to let go?

This book was rather graphic but highly entertaining. The humor is dark and clever. I learned colloidal silver can in fact tint your skin silver if taken in high doses or for a length of time, and any book that teaches me something is worth reading. The Unsuitable is about complex familial relationships, making your own choices, and claiming who you are.

Audience: adults | Genre: fiction

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